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Do you export e.g sell outside of the United Kingdom?

We currently only deliver with the United Kingdom and Channel Islands. If you would like to be informed if this changes please register your interest via this form

Do you manufacture or blend bespoke products on behalf of customers?

We do not currently offer a custom blending service or manufacture bespoke products.
We only sell individual raw materials or pre-formulated products.

Which account type should I sign up for? Retail or Wholesale?

To complete an order we recommend that you open an online account so you have access to all website features. Opening an account is simple and takes just a few minutes. Once signed up the prices, terms & conditions and delivery charges displayed will be relevant to your account type.

We frequently get asked by customers

'Am I allowed to open wholesale account, I am not an aromatherapist or reseller'?

The answer is YES.

However to complete an order when logged in to your wholesale account, minimum order rules apply (see below).


Retail account: There is no minimum order. You will pay retail prices and delivery charges vary depending on your postcode and be based on the total value of goods in your basket. All delivery options are presented during the checkout process. Retail prices are also displayed when not logged in to any account.

Wholesale account: Once logged into your wholesale account there is a minimum order requirement of £40 + Vat (£48). The prices displayed will be wholesale prices and delivery charges vary depending on your postcode and are based on the total value of goods in your basket. All delivery options are presented during the checkout process.

Open 2 accounts: To sign up you need to provide a unique email address and this is used as the login. However if you have access to 2 different email accounts. It is perfectly OK to open both types of the account (Retail and Wholesale) and use either of these accounts depending on how much you intend to spend at the time. For retail customers there is also the option to checkout without opening an account although this is not recommended if you want to enjoy all website features.

I am in rush for my goods - Is it quicker to order by telephone or online?

Answer: If you order online you are likely to receive your order sooner. (The minimum order is lower when ordering online).

A telephone order and payment made over the phone has to be manually processed by our office and therefore processing delays may occur during busy periods.

Online orders go straight through to our despatch warehouse for instant picking (the majority are picked and shipped the same day if the order is placed before 1pm on a weekday). There is also much less chance of an error occurring when ordering online, as you can double check the order on-screen before completing your order.

On the home page of our website we state the current order delivery status. This can change depending on workload. An example might be ...'Orders placed online before 1pm will be despatched the same day'. Please check this before ordering if you are working to a tight deadline.

Our online ordering system automatically sends a confirmation of the order and payment. You will also receive an email confirming the order has been despatched, by what method and the courier tracking details.

Can we collect ?

Our collection point has now permanently closed.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We offer a Nationwide delivery service by courier. Please note: we do not export.
Please check our delivery information pages.

Are your essential oils and fragrant oils suitable for soapmaking or cosmetic use etc?

Pure and Natural Essential Oils:
All essential oils we sell are suitable for both candle making and cosmetic use and are widely used for this purpose. However, it is the manufacturer/end users responsibility to determine safe inclusion limits and general suitability depending on the intended finished product.

Synthetic Fragrance Oils
: With regard to our range of synthetic fragrances this is a little more complex. We sell 2 different types. Some which are more suited to water based formulas and others which are more suited to oil based formulas.

We mainly stock fragrances suitable for use in aqueous products like bath foams, shampoos, shower gel, lotion base, creams etc. So if main ingredient in the base is 'aqua' it is considered to be an aqueous product.

We also stock a small selection of fragrant oils which are more suited to oil based products e.g vegetable carrier oil blends, candles, emulsion, oil based butters, oil based creams, cold process soap etc. Use the filter in the fragrance oil category to sort by oil type.

The main reason you would not use a fragrant oil which is more suited for oil based products in an aqueous base is the clarity of the finished product. e.g using a candle OK fragrant oil in a clear shower gel might make it cloudy.

Bath bomb use - All essential oil and fragrant oil types we sell can be used when manufacturing bath bombs as clarity is generally not an issue.

So to summarise. Simply avoid any fragrant oils listed in the "Candle OK Fragrant Oils' category if clarity is an issue for water based products.

Please Note: The above information is intended as a basic guide. Ultimate suitability needs to be determined by the manufacturer/end user.

What are the member benefits?

  • Faster repeat ordering, as your address details are stored on our system.
    Simply log in when ordering to retrieve your details.
  • Member only promotions.
  • Ability to view past orders, previous support requests etc.
  • Full control over your account details.
  • The email address provided when setting up your account is not used for marketing emails.
  • Although your account email address is never used for anything other than order related issues. We do also contact customers about new products and special offers via our email newsletter. If you would like to receive our email newsletter, you would need to sign up separately via this link Free Aromatherapy Email Newsletter

Can I open a credit account on 30 day terms?

We do not offer credit facilities. All orders must be paid for at time of ordering.

Our prices take into account the fact that we receive payment at time of ordering and therefore do not have to issue statements and chase overdue invoice.

Please Note: We occasionally consider credit facilities for companies operating in the public sector e.g hospitals, schools, colleges etc  - This decision is made on a case by case basis.

I manufacture my own products. What data can you provide?

If you order your essential oils from us we can provide SDS, SPEC, Allergens Reports, IFRA Statements and Certificate of Analysis to enable you to complete your CPSR (cosmetic product safety report).

The SDS can be viewed or downloaded from our data library.
The other data is available on request. Please contact us to request this

Please Note: If you require a CofA you need to provide the batch number of the oil you received from us. The batch number is located on the label and is a 4 or 5 digit number. The data we provide can only be used in conjunction with products supplied by ourselves.

Do you offer a private labelling service or print labels?

We do not offer a private labelling service. We do not print or sell labels.

All products we sell are labelled with our EOD brand label apart from a small selection of our most popular pure essential oils which we sell in packs of 5 unlabelled. These packs are supplied with one EOD branded label on the outer which includes batch number and best before date so they can be rebranded using your own labels.