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About Us / Quality Control
Essential Oils Direct is a family run business that has specialised in the sourcing and supply of pure & natural essential oils, carrier oils and other related products since 1993. We have a policy of supplying only the finest products whilst also supplying them at the best possible prices. Thanks to feedback and suggestions from customers, our product range is constantly expanding. We stock one of the largest selections of aromatherapy and body care products in the UK.

Fast Order Processing: We pride ourselves on our fast order processing and orders are usually picked and despatched within a few hours of us receiving an order. Our customer base is constantly expanding and since 1993 we have served clients ranging from retailers, therapists, charitable organisations, health workers, universities, colleges, GP's, students and home users. We are finding that the majority of new enquiries we receive are as a result of a recommendation by an existing satisfied customer.

Quality Control:

1). We use only suppliers whom we know well and have visited/ audited and who are generally known to be reliable.

2). We maintain close contact with new sources and with the market in general to remain aware of what is happening with regard to crop prices, shortages etc. This gives us some warning of when supply may be difficult and a reason to be extra vigilant.

3). All products are bought against a written specification. This also forms the basis of the specification before the product is released for sale.

4). Where possible our products are sourced with original producers, farmers or their principle distributors. Our suppliers local agents are often asked to inspect materials prior to purchase and prior to shipment. On arrival all products are then verified against samples to ensure compliance.

5). Every raw material is then subject to a thorough quality control check. The exact parameters for QC tests will vary from product to product based on the knowledge and security held on a given product or supplier but routinely these tests include compliance with the following to achieve positive release of the goods.

Organoleptic assessment (odour, appearance, taste etc) as appropriate.
Visual evaluation (colour, clarity, foreign materials etc)
Specific gravity (SG)
Optical rotation (OP)
Refractive index (RI)
Flash Point (FP)
Solubility (usually in ethanol)
& a full range of product specific tests.

6). MSDS information can be found in our MSDS data library

No product is released for sale without having first achieved positive QC release.

No such products supplied by Essential Oils Direct have been produced from genetically modified material nor have they or their ingredients been tested on animals. Essential Oils Direct operates a policy of sourcing materials from suppliers and growers who conform to similar policy statements and in addition who regard environmental policies with regard to the maintenance of sustainable natural resources.

In addition we confirm that with regard to cosmetic products including skin/hair and body or bath care products. We operate a policy of formulating high quality products for optimum performance. Such products generally include high levels of active natural materials and are formulated to include natural products wherever possible. We do however use additives such as preservatives and other functional materials where we consider these are necessary for the provision of the most appropriate product. A full list of ingredients can be viewed for each product by clicking the "read more" link.

All products carry an unconditional guarantee and will be replaced or refunded without question provided the goods have not been used or damaged and that we are advised within 7 days of delivery.

We hope you will enjoy using our products and if you have any further questions please look in the "More Info" section. If you still don't find the information you require please click on the "Contact Us" link and send your query to one our customer service team who will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.