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Are your essential oils and fragrant oils suitable for soapmaking or cosmetic use etc?

Pure and Natural Essential Oils:
All essential oils we sell are suitable for both candle making and cosmetic use and are widely used for this purpose. However, it is the manufacturer/end users responsibility to determine safe inclusion limits and general suitability depending on the intended finished product.

Synthetic Fragrance Oils
: With regard to our range of synthetic fragrances this is a little more complex. We sell 2 different types. Some which are more suited to water based formulas and others which are more suited to oil based formulas.

We mainly stock fragrances suitable for use in aqueous products like bath foams, shampoos, shower gel, lotion base, creams etc. So if main ingredient in the base is 'aqua' it is considered to be an aqueous product.

We also stock a small selection of fragrant oils which are more suited to oil based products e.g vegetable carrier oil blends, candles, emulsion, oil based butters, oil based creams, cold process soap etc. Use the filter in the fragrance oil category to sort by oil type.

The main reason you would not use a fragrant oil which is more suited for oil based products in an aqueous base is the clarity of the finished product. e.g using a candle OK fragrant oil in a clear shower gel might make it cloudy.

Bath bomb use - All essential oil and fragrant oil types we sell can be used when manufacturing bath bombs as clarity is generally not an issue.

So to summarise. Simply avoid any fragrant oils listed in the "Candle OK Fragrant Oils' category if clarity is an issue for water based products.

Please Note: The above information is intended as a basic guide. Ultimate suitability needs to be determined by the manufacturer/end user.