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Teat pipette for 30ml glass bottles. Tamper evident closure.

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*Attachment/Closure only. (Bottle not included)*:
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Product Features
  • Black Cap, Butyl bulb & glass pipette 77mm
  • Suitable for our 30ml bottles
  • Teat is made from Butyl
  • GL18 neck
  • Tamper evident closure
Black cap, *butyl bulb & glass pipette 77mm. Suitable for accurate dispensing of essential oil / vegetable oil blends. Suitable for dispensing CBD oils.Tamper evident closure.

77mm length tube suitable for our 30ml glass bottles.

Tube = Glass
Teat = Butyl*
Screwcap = Polypropylene

*Butyl is more resistant to essential oils than rubber.

Closure Type
Closure Type
Caps and attachments for glass bottles

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