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Product Features
  • Aroma Diffuser
  • Colour Changing Lights
  • Low running Costs
  • Extremely Safe
  • Suits any decor
  • Excellent gift
An easy to use aromatherapy diffuser with colour changing mood lights (with additional favourite colour mode). Simply add oil and water and switch for an instant aroma hit. As the diffuser will blend into any environment this makes the perfect gift.

Economical: The only replaceable part is the mist maker disc which needs replacing usually every 3 to 12 months depending on usage levels.

The Zenbow is multifunctional :

  •     Aroma Diffuser – diffuses essential, fragrance & perfume oils
  •     Mini Humidifier – hydrating & moisturising, without creating condensation
  •     Air Purifier – air quality is greatly improved
  •     Ioniser – produces negative ions which makes you feel good!
  •     Funky Colour Changing Mood Light – gradually changes through the complete colour spectrum with added features of “favourite colour selection” and “no light” modes

Use with tap water and your favourite essential oil (natural), room fragrance oil (mood setting) or even perfume oil (decadent) for an instant aroma hit! For such a small carbon footprint, the stress relieving properties are huge.

Zenbow makes the ideal gift for anyone with its unique shape and functionality. It can be used in any environment:

  •     Bedrooms
  •     Living/Dining rooms
  •     Kitchen
  •     Conservatory
  •     Office
  •     Spa
  •     Gym
  •     Yoga/Meditation Rooms
  •     Hotels, Surgeries, Hospital Rooms, etc.

Forget plug in air fresheners and other methods of home fragrancing – these “hot” little items are the most healthy and effective way to fragrance your surroundings.

Advanced ultrasonic technology also removes the need of a heat source, making these diffusers extremely safe. For added peace of mind, the diffusers incorporate a patented auto shut off which is triggered when the water falls below the required level.

  •     Mains Powered
  •     Ultrasonic Technology
  •     Rich 12 LED Soft Mood Lighting Effect
  •     Stunning New Design  
  •     Favourite Colour Selection mode
  •     Light on/off mode
  •     150mm-128mm
  •     80ml Water Capacity - 4 hours usage
  •     Low Power Consumption (12W)
  •     Auto Shut off
  •     Low Running Costs

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