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POMEGRANATE CARRIER OIL Punica granatum 50ml

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Product Features
  • Punica granatum

Pomegranate Cold Pressed Oil - Punica granatum

The pomegranate, an ancient fruit whose regenerative properties have been celebrated for thousands of years, has come under growing scrutiny by skin care specialists and medical researchers seeking natural agents for the prevention and treatment of ageing skin and degenerative diseases.

A unique oil containing conjugated fatty acids acting as a natural anti-inflammatory agent is without equal among other plant oils. EOD’s cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil is highly recommended:

The oil has nourishing and moisturising qualities and can is also useful in improving elasticity which makes it a good anti-aging oil for the skin.

• Boosts restoration and repair of the skin

• Evens skin tone and mops up free radicals

• Helps with collagen production

• Acts as a natural SPF

• Helps reverse the damage of sun exposure