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FRAGONIA ESSENTIAL OIL Agonis fragrans 50gm

(£62.16 incl. VAT)
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Product Features
  • Botanical name: Agonis fragrans
  • Actions:  Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory & pain relieving
  • Extracted from:  TTerminal branches
A new exciting pure essential produced in West Australian. Fragrant agonis oil is 100% pure and natural and is described as: “very pale yellow having a pleasant fresh cineolic odour with a hint of a citrus note (which becomes more pronounced after a few minutes) mixed with a slight spicy cinnamon tonality and sweet balsamic undertones.

The dry down is very faint being sweet, soapy & woody balsamic. The oil could be potentially useful to give depth to herbal blends, and more generally in masculine fragrance accords.” (extract taken from the forthcoming 2nd edition of Natural Aromatic Materials - Odours & Origins by Tony Burfield) - (Copyright Tony Burfield 2004).

It is a beautiful oil for burning in a vaporiser in the home and at workIt is harvested and steam distilled from Agonis fragrans, a small shrub to 4 metres. Its primary constituents are 1.8 cineole, para cymene, alpha-pinene and linalool, with preliminary work on Fragonia(TM) oil indicates it has significant anti-microbial activity. Primary constituents of the oil are 1.8 cineole, alpha-pinene & linalool. It is an extremely balanced oil, with the oxides (cineole), monoterpenes (alpha-pinene) and monoterpenols (linalol and others) in near perfect 1:1:1 ratio. Possible applications include massaging (mixed into a carrier oil) into painful and inflamed muscles and joints. Other research is on going.Topically, its antibacterial properties may aid in the healing of cuts, bites, stings and minor burns.Add a few drops to your kitchen top cleaning cloths to help disinfect and leave a clean fresh scent. (Patch test on a small out of sight area first).
NOT suitable for Ingestion !

GC Analysis   %a-THUJENE        0.3a-PINENE        26.4b-PINENE        1.8MYRCENE                2.2a-PHELLANDRENE        0.2LIMONENE        2.3PARA-CYMENE        1.61,8-CINEOLE        26.6g-TERPINENE        2.3LINALOOL        10.9TERPINEN-4-OL        3.2a-TERPINEOL        6.3MYRTENOL        3.4NEROL                0.6GERANIOL        1.6MYRTENYL ACETATE    0.6CARYOPHYLLENE        0.8HUMULENE        1.0BICYCLOGERMACRENE   0.9