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Essential Oils Aromatherapy PRACTITIONER KIT - Set including 30 oils in wooden carrying case

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Product Features
  • 22 Essential Oils
  • 8 Carrier Oils
  • Empty Bottles
  • Beakers
  • Other accessories
  • Aromatherapy CD

Presented in our wooden practitioner case. Box Size: 330 x 215 x 215mm
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2-tier Practitioner case filled with 22 essential oils, 8 carriers, empty bottles, pipettes, beakers and an Aromatherapy CD.  Suitable for practitioners or serious enthusiasts. Box Size: 330 x 215 x 215mm

Full contents

1 x  Wooden Practitioner size storage case

Pure Essential  Oils

5ml     Chamomile Roman
5ml     Frankincense
5ml     Myrhh
10ml     Bergamot FCF
10ml     Black Pepper
10ml     Clary Sage
10ml     Cinnamon Leaf
10ml     Ginger
10ml     Grapefruit
10ml     Juniper Berry
10ml     Lemon
10ml     Lemon Grass
10ml     Marjoram Sweet
10ml     Orange
10ml     Patchouli
10ml     Peppermint
10ml     Ylang Ylang III
30ml     Eucalyptus
30ml     Geranium
30ml     Lavender
30ml     Rosemary
30ml     Tea Tree
Carrier Oils and Accessories

50ml    Avocado (Unrefined)
50ml    Calendula
50ml    Evening Primrose
50ml    Jojoba
50ml    Wheatgerm (Unrefined)
100ml    Apricot Kernel
100ml    Grapeseed
100ml    Sweet Almond
Bottles & Accessories

10 x 1ml    Pipettes (Plastic)
6 x 10ml     Amber glass bottles + 0.7 standard caps
3 x 30ml     Amber glass bottles + 0.7 standard caps
3 x 10ml    Teat pipettes (Glass)
2 x 30ml     Teat pipettes (Glass)
4 x 10ml    Green rollerball bottles + black caps
4 x 50ml    Blue plastic bottles + black caps
3 x 100ml    Clear plastic bottles + black caps
2 x black    Flip cap for 50/100ml plastic (Black)
1 x white    Mist spray for 50/100ml plastic (White)
4 x 30ml    Measuring beakers
2 x 60ml    Measuring beakers
1 x Aromatherapy CD

Practioner Case Closed