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Essential Oils Aromatherapy GIFT/STORAGE SET - 12 oils in 24 hole wooden storage case

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Product Features
  • FSC approved wood
  • 12 popular oils
  • Optimum light protection
  • Save money compared to individual prices

A collection of 12 popular 10ml essential oils. Presented in an attractive FSC approved wooden 24 hole storage case. Box size: 210 x 150 x 80mm

Save money when compared to buying the oils and box separately.


BERGAMOT FCF, ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus bergamia 10ml
EUCALYPTUS , ESSENTIAL OIL Eucalyptus globulus 10ml
GERANIUM, ESSENTIAL OIL Pelargonium graveolens 10ml
GRAPEFRUIT, ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus paradisi 10ml
LAVENDER, ESSENTIAL OIL Lavandula angustifolia 10ml
LEMON GRASS, ESSENTIAL OIL Cymbopogon citratus 10ml
LEMON, ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus limonum 10ml
ORANGE, ESSENTIAL OIL Citrus sinensis 10ml
PATCHOULI, ESSENTIAL OIL Pogostemon cablin 10ml
PEPPERMINT, ESSENTIAL OIL Mentha piperita 10ml
ROSEMARY, ESSENTIAL OIL Rosmarinus officinalis 10ml
TEA TREE, ESSENTIAL OIL Melaleuca alternifolia 10ml

This aromatherapy kit is presented in 1 x 24 Hole FSC certified wooden aromatherapy storage box

The box holds 12 x 10 ml bottles of pure essential oil. This is ample storage for a selection of essential oils and also to protect them from light deterioration Box Size: 210 x 150 x 80mm (approx)