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Small image of 279 x 10ml Amber Glass Bottle (No cap and dropper) - Outers of 279
Price£50.65 (£60.78 incl. VAT)
Price is per outer of 279: 10ml empty amber bottles (no cap or dropper provided). Suitable for storage of aromatherapy essential oils.

The more you buy the cheaper price per pack. There are 90 packs of 279 on a pallet and this is our best online price. If you require more than 1 pallet please contact us via our helpdesk.
Small image of Energy 100 Pure Essential Oil Blend 100ml
Price£11.70 (£14.04 incl. VAT)
Supplied in 100ml amber glass bottles with integral dropper.

A 100% essential oil blend combining the uplifting properties of Orange & Lemon oils, the comforting properties of Mandarin, the stimulating properties of Pine and reviving properties of Spearmint. Will leave you feeling completely revitalised.
Small image of Tiny image of Floral Allergen Free Fragrance Oil - 100ml
Price£12.55 (£15.06 incl. VAT)
Allergen Free Fragrance Oil which is suitable for inclusion in skin care products and for home fragrance use.

A floral-powdery accord predominating in notes of sweet violet freshened at the top by mandarin and enriched at the back by sandalwood and musk.
Small image of Woody Amber Allergen Free Fragrance Oil - 100ml - WOO100F
Price£10.90 (£13.08 incl. VAT)
Allergen Free Fragrance Oil which is suitable for inclusion in skin care products and for home fragrance use.

This indulgent woody accord combines oriental-amber base notes freshened by an ozonic twist at the top. Further rich and powdery notes include soft moss, classic lavender and rich musk.
Small image of Strawberry & Vanilla Allergen Free Fragrance 100ml - STR100F
Price£10.40 (£12.48 incl. VAT)
Allergen Free Fragrance Oil which is suitable for inclusion in skin care products and for home fragrance use.

This delicious creamy fragrance blends succulent  strawberry notes with milky, creamy elements of vanilla and toffee.
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CEDARWOOD (Atlas) ESSENTIAL OIL Cedrus atlantica 10ml

Product Features
  • Size: 10ml
  • Botanical Name: Cedrus Atlantica
  • Actions: Astringent & Relaxing
  • Perfume Note: Base
  • Odour: Characteristic, sweet, woody, almost balsamic
  • Plant Family: Pinaceae
Price£2.40 (£2.88 incl. VAT)
AvailabilitySame day despatch (by trackable courier) if ordering before 1pm (Mon-Fri deliveries only)
ShippingCan ship only within United Kingdom & Channel Islands - Condition: New
Cedarwood Atlas 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

Native to the Atlas Mountain regions of Morocco and Algeria, Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil is the volatile oil obtained from the bark of Cedrus atlantica.

Supplied in 10ml amber glass bottle with integral dropper and black tamper evident cap.

INCI Name: Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil

Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation

Appearance: Clear pale yellow to yellow liquid.

Suitable for use in Aromatherapy, Cosmetic and Body Care products. Also suitable for home fragrance products and scented candle manufacture. The manufacturer/end user is always responsible for determining ultimate suitability. Always read the product label.

Frequently asked questions:

What conditions can this oil be used to treat?
Whilst this essential oil has many reputed uses we are not permitted as a reseller to make any medical claims in respect of this oil. There are numerous books and information sources available online.

Question: Can you provide MSDS, Allergens Reports and Certificate of Analysis to enable me to complete my product safety report?
Answer: Yes, these are available on request. Please contact us.
Please Note: If you require a CofA you need to provide the batch number of the oil you received from us. The batch number is located on the label and is a 4 or 5 digit number.