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AROMA STREAM VAPORISER - 1 filter (pad) included.

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Additional Pad:
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Product Features
  • Includes 1 pad. Extras can be purchased.
  • Distributes the scent of essential oils without losing their original character
  • May be used with essential oils, fragrance oils or essential oil blends
  • Can be left safely running day or night
  • Clean, effective and very economical
  • Used and endorsed by professional aromatherapists
  • Avoids the use of naked flames or oil burners
The Aroma Stream offers a clean, safe and effective method for vaporising natural aromatherapy oils without the use of heat. A stream of air gently vaporises the oil keeping the fragrance pure. This avoids heating the oil which may alter the fragrance or change it’s properties.

Clean, effective and economical, the Aroma Stream can be used with either essential oils, fragrance oils or essential oil blends.