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argan vie Organic Argan Oil 100ml

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Product Features
  • Use on face, hair and body
  • Rich in fatty acids
  • High in tocopherols
  • Suitable for all skin types including mature and ageing skin
  • Pump dispenser
  • argan vie™ brand quality assurance
argan vie™ Virgin cold pressed organic Argan Oil.

The oil is high in natural fatty acids (Oleic and Linoleic), nutrients, proteins, vitamins, phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids which are important for skin health and the oil is especially to dry and ageing skin. Rich in tocopherols it is a great anti-oxidant. The oil also contains sterols which are great for retaining moisture in the hair and skin.

The feedback we have received and other online resources suggest that the oil may help with a variety of conditions.

Deeply hydrates
Softens and Strengthens
Adds a healthy shine
Calms Frizz
Moisturises the scalp

Suitable for all skin types including mature and ageing skin
Can aid recovery of many problem skin conditions
Deeply Hydrates
Does not block pores
Absorbs easily

Produced from trees in the Moroccan Biosphere which is protected by UNESCO
Our trade in Argan oil helps support the Berber women of Morocco providing healthcare, education and supporting the community as a whole.

Cautions/Info:  For external use only:  Patch test 24hrs before use to check suitability. Avoid getting into eyes.  CONTAINS NUTS:   Please seek medical advice before usage if you suffer from a nut allergy or any other medical condition. Discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs.

Storage: Store upright in a cool place (the oil may solidify in colder temperatures).
Ingredients: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Country of Origin:  Morocco

Acid Values: (%)

Acide Myristique (C14:0)      0,1
Acide Pentadecanoique (C15:0)    0,1
Acide Palmitique (C16:0)     12,7
Acide Palmitoleique (CI 6:1)    0,1
Acide Heptadecanoique (CI 7:0)             0,1
Acide I leptadecenoique (CI 7:1)     
Acide Stearique (CI 8:0)    5,4
Acide Oleique (CI 8:1)     46,4
Acide Linoleique (C18:2)    34,3
Acide Linolenique (C18:3)    0,1
Acide Arachidique (C20:0)     0,3
Acide Gadoleique (C20:1)     0,3